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Why use OfficeMatcher's non-binding service?

We scan the market for available offices and retrieve quotes so that you can spend your time on more imporant matters

Our process

How do we ensure that you will be 100% satisfied with our service?



OfficeMatcher will together with yourself do an analysis of business requirements and preferences.

Market search & quote retrieval

We scan the market in the agreed area and put together an overview of available office properties that match the requirements, and we retrive quotes from the different landlords. The completed list will be presented to you for your selection.

Property viewings

OfficeMatcher plans, schedules and assists with property viewings. In other terms we do all the practical arrangements, you just show up.

Negotiations & contract

When you have found your new office, OfficeMatcher will assist in negotiations of the final terms and price. We are there for you until the contract has been signed and you can move in to your new offices.

How has the organization of office changed?

Humans are social animals who have gradually realized the value of flexibility. The way we work has changed drastically, and co-working has been a major contributor to this.

Can COVID-19 contribute to something positive for co-working?

COVID-19 has by no means been positive for the industry. In the long run, maybe we can get the most out of it?

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